Blog Post 2/18

One of the groups presentations that stood out to me this week was about the book, “A Mosaic of Believers.” The group shared about the Mosaic Church and one thing that surprised me about this church was the idea of havens. They had many different groups that someone could join based on their interests which grouped them with people similar to themselves and gave them a smaller community within the large church. They had five havens which were: theological, multiethnic, artistic, innovator, and age. The havens seemed similar to small worship groups at other churches because it gave people a way to feel connected on a personal level to others. This also gave the opportunity for people to express themselves. For instance, the art haven allowed people to make films and design, while also trying to spread the church’s message. One large draw back from the church is that it mostly resonates with younger people and isolated older ones. Many people that are middle age found it hard to feel encompassed in the church. Although it is mostly millennials that can be found, many similarities can still be seen when comparing Mosaic Church to churches with an older following. Both types of churches still had smaller groups within the church that gave them a sense of place and identity within the church. Just because these groups met however did not take away the importance of everyone coming together for a large service on Sunday. Music is also very important to the places of worship and although it is expressed in different genres, it is still very evident. I think these three ideas can always be found no matter what type of church you are looking at and serve as very important ideas for any type of religion to encompass.