2/18 Blog

This week in class my group presented on our book written by Marion Goldman on the topic of why Women whom are successful in the work field decide to join a Cult. When discussing this book with my group after previously reading it on our own we found similarities of perspectives that were discussed in the book that were a challenge to grasp. We found this vital that those points such as explaining the composite that Goldman discusses would be necessary to emphasize. The way in which Goldman conducted her research was brilliant. She knew that in order to protect everyone in this religion names would be confidential; however, the fact that so many of the women stories were similar that she had the ability to group them together making three different main groups was highly intriguing. What made an even greater impact on the research within the composites was the quotations that she pulled from her discussions with these various women and were implemented throughout the book.

On the other hand, the group that discussed the Mega Church was a complete contrast to my groups presentation; however there is always the similarity that individuals fall in to a certain religious community to belong to something bigger than themselves. I personally find Mega Churches more comforting and I always tend to feel a sense of relief when I don’t go to a small church service. From a sociological perspective I believe its because the more people that are at the church the less pressure it is to perfect your every move. For example when I belonged to a smaller church everyone had a closer relationship and therefore all eyes were on everyone and if you made the wrong move or said the wrong thing there was an immediate shift in atmosphere where as Mega churches are the complete opposite and tend to carry a more relaxed atmosphere.