Reflection 2.11.19

As the semester continues, I learn more about religion has a role in much of our entertainment and media culture. Since I am a media and visula culture major, I am required to analyze specific movies throughout multiple courses. Today, in my Indian cinema class, we watched a film called “Pyaasa”. At first, I realized no religious symbols whatsoever, however through an in class analysis on the film, we discovered there were numerous religious symbols throughout. In the movie there is a scene where a man is resurrected from the dead and goes to his memorial service and you can see how he stands in a doorway with his arms in a T formation, with the light coming from behind him, which creates the visual that he is Christ. This movie is a Hindu film, which is interesting to see how there would be a Christian motif in the movie. This really opens my eyes to how religion plays a factor not only in peoples religious affiliations and lives, but it also something that is familiar to everyone in a way to if you were to see it in a film, you could identify how important the scene must be, considering the resurrection of Jesus Christ is such a influential moment that it was included in an international film. This goes along with how there not only is such a large Christian population in America, but also in India. We have to identify that using this symbol is a reflection of the influence that religion has amongst popular culture.

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  1. Great points, and as a fellow Media and Visual Culture major, I agree. What’s really fun is going back on seemingly non-religious films and keeping an eye out for all the religious undertones; which could either be with symbols or dialogue.

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