Don’t have a religion? What are the alternatives?

As my family was having a serious discussion about religion and how they enjoy when church speakers go to their homes once a week to talk about a bible version or any thoughts about the word of God. Hence the majority of my family is Catholic they really implement religious figures and tradition in everyday life like praying before a meal, praying and confession or talking to God. I was targeted by my mom saying that I was atheist for the reason that I didn’t like going to church and doubted the image of God.  So I looked up the definition of an atheist and I found this article on the types of non-believers and listed some alternatives. Atheists is the lack of a God concept with no moral core.  I somewhat believe that there is some energy, but I don’t necessarily identify an image of a God like person.

The second “non-believer” on the list was agnostic which represents  various perspectives on the importance of one’s own right. In other terms they don’t know if here is a God but believe there will be an answer in the future.

Third on the list is a skeptic which is someone who doubts a religious concept and will believe based on evidence. Another non-believer is a “freethinker” which I didn’t know was a classified groups but are those who oppose the church and the literal biblical idea. There will only believe the logic and with evidence and will decide on what is real or not.

Next are “humanist” who are set on ethical values like compassion and self-determination. It dwells on the concept of inner peace and spiritual connotation like recognize the benefits of a spiritual community and having rituals instead of the supernatural. “Pantheist” do not believe in a person-god but rather in the idea of natural order who see humans as a small grain of said in a whole universe and what exists.