Why are Muslims Overgeneralized?

It is obvious that Islam and the West many differences and reasons for conflicting issues that do not allow them to create a stable alliance. Actions from Islamic history from the past, present and future have affected the perception of how the West sees the Islamic world in the Middle East.

           Today in day the Middle East is associated both good and evil in the eyes of the Western perspective. The good aspect is strictly associated with their resources of Oil. In which the Middle East has peacefully agreed to trade their oil because it makes them feel that the Middle East still has some power in the world because other countries rely of them for their oil. On the other hand the majority of other populations that do not see the political benefit of the Middle East judge their religion of Islam. This is to the point where countries like the United States, Britain and France who had been affected by Islamic influence that have resulted in terrorist attacks.

Since the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 2001,  Americans have gained a hate for Islamic states in the Middle East. The media have portrayed Muslims as terrorists under the influence of their prophet Muhammad and his teachings of the Quran. However, Americans have not considered the idea that Islam is not as foreign as they think it is. From the interpretation of the of the Quran, Muslim culture and Christianity have similar beliefs. That include the act of being a faithful and good person in the eyes of God with the idea that their souls will enter heaven after death. Although after the over generalization of Muslims has shifted from a christian like religion to terrorism, fear and violence due to social media and the news. This is only a constant recurrence because of political and religious barriers in the Middle East.