1.28.19 Reflection

This week’s reading from Mark Chaves, “American Religion”, discussed a lot that had to do with the immergence of more diversity throughout church congregations. I found that very interesting to read because I have never noticed a lack of diversity throughout my own personal congregations, however I definitely do see how that would be the case for other churches. I typically see how certain religions draw one primary ethnicity due to that religion (probably) starting within a certain geographical region. As religion is becoming more diverse, I think that not only has to do with the topic of immigration, but also another topic that Chaves brought up which was that Americans have become more accepting to different religions and have grown a stronger appreciation for them, as well. I think these 2 ideas go hand in hand because as we see how racism is still very much alive in parts of this country, religion is able to be a unifying subject for many people. Religion is obviously a personal belief, and in America the idea is that we are able to practice whatever religion we please. Though there is much argument whether that is true or not, according to statistics in Chave’s book, there is more of an appreciation and acceptance of other religions, not just Christianity, being a path to God, and eternal life. I don’t think that you should be a certain religion based on your race, but I understand how throughout different cultures there is one primary religion in which people are more comfortable with having faith in. Nonetheless, it’s awesome to see this increase because it shows how religion is becoming an outlet for all people to come together, rather than something pushing them apart.