Impact of Religion to different Communities

As discussed in class, religion in general is a source of faith for people to have the image and interpretation just depends on communities ethically and by experience. Today there are a variety of different religions that we as college student may have never heard of.
Growing you in Southern California I grew up in a Catholic family. The majority of my family and friends were also Catholic but that is mainly because my community were mostly Hispanic Catholics. I was raised to know that I had to attend mass, and be an active Catholic as well as finish my commandments in order to marry by church to someone who is also Catholic. My parents made me attend youth group classes once a week for two years to meet my confirmation requirement. Every week we were taught about how to maintain our faith and also defend our religion in case of doubt or teach others who are not fully in sync with God. In these talks I was taught that Catholicism is a branch from Christianity and the only difference is that as Catholics we believe in Saints and the Virgin Mary. The more I attended these youth group classes my doubts only grew while my faith or thought of a God was rapidly fading. SInce then I do not identify as being religious or Catholic, but only seem to somewhat have an interest to please my parents
After reading McGuire’s first chapter as well as my peers religious background stories has opened my mind and interest in learning about other religions and how different communities adapt to certain religions. While also raising questions on why people who are surrounded by religious family or friends mostly tend to drift away from religion. I also think to myself that there are other forms of having faith which doesn’t necessarily have to pursue or identify with a religion or a “God”.