South Dakota Allows State-Funded Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Same-Sex Couples

The article “South Dakota Allows State-Funded Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Same-Sex Couples” by Mark Joseph Stern  is an example of the United States government allowing for “religious freedom” in government institutions. However, as the article points out, there is a fine line between religious freedom and discrimination based on religious ethics. This article raises an interesting point about the role of church and state. In a “secular” society, there is a separation of church and state, and at first glance, allowing state-funded adoption agencies to chose who the adoptive couples can be is an exercise of religious freedom. However, in a truly secular society, the state would not allow for discriminatory policies based on one’s sexual orientation. This law is more of a reflection of the feeling towards same-sex couples in South Dakota rather than “religious freedom”. This law not only prevents sam-sex couples from adopting at select adoption agencies, it also provides grounds for agencies to prevent someone who is divorced, an interfaith couple, or a couple who engages in pre marital sex to to adopt as well. America is no where near a “secular society”, as much of the values and ethics that are found in certain areas are based on people’s interpretations of Christian scripture. This law is based on someone’s idea of Christian values, and not religious freedom.