“Secular Europe”

EU headscarf ban ruling sparks faith group backlash


The news is about Court of Justice said Belgian firm may ban employee to wear “religious and political symbols” and doing so is not discrimination. Although it says  “religious and political symbols”, the case was about receptionist who was dismissed because of wearing headscarf, so it is mostly on Muslim woman.

It is kind of surprising that they passed it because I am pretty sure that it is obviously discrimination against certain religion and against freedom of performing religion in general. I knew that people in EU are less religious but this is more about basic right. Also, even worse, the conservative candidate commented that it will create “social peace”.

This might be completely irrelevant, but I wondered something; first thing I thought when I see this article was that the rule would not be (I mean, hopefully) passed in US if that happens. And I was wondering, since I was reading “Religious America, Secular Europe?” and “Secularization and its discontents”, is this can be something that related to secularism?