EU Ban on Religious Symbols in the Workplace

The article I read discussed a ban on visible religious symbols. This article was a shock to me because I have always known that there is a lot of religious discrimination in our world but it was this prevalent. I feel that expressing your passion about your religion should be seen as a freedom that we have no matter what country you come from. These symbols are in no way inappropriate and if they bring that person pride they should be able to show it off. The article was set up by explaining that a law was just passed by a European court saying all EU countries can ban religious symbols in the workplace. I understand that everyone is meant to feel comfortable where they work but I feel that these symbols truthfully do not mess with the environment. If anything they promote peace and show that these are dedicated individuals. I admire people who show their strength in their religions through their appearance. As a Christian, I wear my cross every single day and I have a tattoo of a cross. It is something that I take so much pride in and I wear it because of the meaning it has for me. I do not wear it to try and pressure anybody else. I think that as a world we need to try to unite and understand the beauty that comes from differences. If someone feels happy in their headscarf or wearing a cross then they should continue expressing themselves.

Onyanga-Omara, Jane. “Employers in EU Can Ban Visible Religious Symbols like Islamic Headscarves.” USA Today. Gannett Satellite Information Network, 14 Mar. 2017. Web.