Discrimination in Religion Against Women

In America there is a picture that is painted stating that Islamic religion discriminates heavily against women, but is it the only religion that does so? Graham Perrett, a writer for the Huffington Post, dives into the question, are other religions promoting inequality among gender? He claims that discrimination against women in religion is so embedded that many men don’t even see it as inequality. They feel that it is simply the way religion has always and is supposed to be done. In the Catholic church there are many places were the discrimination shows such as; women had to cover their head with a mantilla, girls can not be alter servers, boys can avoid politely shaking the hand of a woman at a formal functions and women cannot be priests only nuns. In Orthodox Judaism, some believe that women cannot talk to god and only men get to go to heaven unless the women is brought to heaven by her man. It is unfair to point the finger at Islam and say that they do not treat women fairly when many religions do. Although, the role of women in churches has slowly become prominent, and religion is catching up to social norms. An example of this is some churches allowing women to give sermons, or giving the chance for a young girl to be an alter server.  It is important to see these inequalities in all religions and address them as inequalities, instead of the norms of religion life.