McGuire’s chapter on “The Impact of Religion on Social Change” is especially timely in today’s world with the religious landscape changing. Although dense, many of the theoretical perspectives that McGuire discusses at the beginning of the chapter are relevant and help us understand in a modern context. The four stories presented were relevant and applicable to religion now, and can help us understand religion is changing. With much of European culture heading towards secularization, one can relate that to America’s religious landscape as well. Even though America is still considered very religious, it is heading towards secularization. This move to secularization has to do with the decline in “official religion”, and society adding a greater emphasis to individualized religion. A secular society is not devoid of religion; often it is where religious pluralism takes place with out having religion in the central government or institutions. Religious pluralism can also been seen in the form of any type of “spiritually” or unofficial religion, which is where America is heading in terms of the religious landscape. The involvement of churches with in society is also declining, therefore the need for these institutions is slowly becoming less and less.