Changing Churches

The younger generation is changing the landscapes of churches by bringing in new ideas of what church could be. This was shown in Reinventing American Protestantism and a Mosaic of Believers. Our generation wants more out of church then just sitting and listening to a person preach. We want to modernize the idea of church, we want to be creative and look at the Bible in a different light. Most churches don’t really like change but these modern churches are adapting to the constant change of modern society. In Sandals, they play loud rock music and dance. These types of churches are either exactly the kind of church you’ve been looking for, or it turns you away completely. For some, it does not seem formal enough to feel like worship. For others it is exactly the kind of worship they have been craving, one that isn’t as stuffy. It seems to shut out much of the older generation because it is so different from normal church worship. The older generation doesn’t seem to connect to the music or the creative side these churches bring in. I don’t feel that this new way of worship will eliminate traditional worship, but I think churches have to accept and implement some of the new ideas so they can attract the younger generation that hasn’t been coming in to fill the pews. Our generation is redefining what church is and it will be interesting to see where churches like Sandals goes in the future.