Reinventing Religion

Looking back to the book presentations of this past week, after having now seen presentations regarding women in cults and Orthodox Judaism, to the idea of new Protestantism. The last case study we saw about Reinventing American Protestantism really opened my eyes and finally gave me a title for my own identity. For years I have always identified as Christian but never identified to a specific denomination or a specific type of church. But after hearing this presentation from Wednesday, I found myself finally putting a title to my beliefs and the style that I had come to love, and may have even found a church for myself, which has been part of my searching since I’ve been to college. The ideals behind the style and the set up of it made it all seem more realistic and not just a confusing idea that I had in my head about what I believed. I found it interesting that people specifically sought out this style of church based on the emotions that it brought into one’s faith that not many other styles or denomination tend to focus on. I also found it interesting that it focused on a combination or blend of beliefs, ideals, and traditions and simply created something that was more relatable with society of today and the new up and coming generations that have sought out churches and have sought answers from and an identity within their faith.