Religion and Structure

There seems to be a pattern in what draws people to a religion, especially the more conservative ones. Many people who flocked to a religion are trying to find structure in their lives. This was shown in Tradition in a Rootless World. In Tradition in a Rootless World the women in the book were seeking conformation that their traditional roles are not being complete lost to the feminist movement. Orthodox Jews have a very traditional view of a women’s role, meaning they believe that a women’s duty is to become  wife and a mother and take care of the household. These women felt isolated and were confused about their gender roles in the new womens landscape. These women as Orthodox Jews. were trying to find something that is bigger than themselves and find structure that  can help them with their everyday lives and actions. Once people get out of institutions like schools, they start to feel lost or feel like they have a lack of purpose. It becomes harder to meet people and find a community when you step out into the world on your own. People start to look for other places of structure and people find religion to guide them. Due to the strict nature of Orthodox Jews, their religion effects every aspect of their lives, from what they eat to how they should feel about things in the changing world around them. Religion provides structure in a time the world seems to be in disarray and people crave that structure.