Religion Students Petition Baylor to become Sanctuary Campus

Students in the Religion Department of Baylor University, a private Baptist academy in Waco, Texas, launched a petition online, requesting the campus to commit itself to being a “sanctuary campus” and stand against the government’s efforts to deport and detain immigrants. The students state that the recent orders of the Trump administration are “incompatible with Baylor’s Christian commitments.” At the time of writing the petition has gathered roughly 1300 signatures. According to the school’s newsletter, administration is aware of the petition and is working to make Baylor a safe space for affected students. The petition has, however, met with resistance, most notably from the Baylor Young Conservatives of Texas, a student group, who is staunchly opposed to efforts to make the campus a sanctuary. They “do not condone the actions of those who attempt to circumvent the law simply because it does not fit their ideology,” as stated in social media communications. This conundrum is a prime example of the interests of a religious group contradicting the interests of an outside society, and the various ways in which people connected to the issue respond. The travel ban issue is a vastly significant one, and Baylor University is only one of many places across the country that is being impacted.

Religion students petition Baylor to become sanctuary campus