Religion at the Grammys

At the Grammys last Sunday, a couple of Christian artists walked away with some Grammy awards. (Neffinger, Chance the Rapper walked away with Best New Artist, gospel singer Kirk Franklin walked away with Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song, and gospel singers Joey and Rory Feek walked away with Best Roots Gospel Album. (Neffinger, The couple’s album was actually one that was recorded before Joey’s death, who lost a battle with cancer. (Neffinger, Also, Chance the Rapper apparently even praised God in his acceptance speech. (Neffinger, This is all just one example of how religion can reveal itself in everyday public life and in entertainment. Religiosity and even spirituality can be seen in public life in a couple of ways. Sometimes, football players pray at games. After tragedies, makeshift memorials are made with flowers, candles, and other things. It also depends on the person or group of people. Some people will show their religiosity or spirituality more regularly in everyday life than others will. Some pray more, some have home alters, some will have little display at work, some wear cross necklaces, and some just feel a connection to a higher power when they go certain places. It’s all these little things that can be seen in daily life that remind us that religion can still be part of our lives in other ways besides just going once a week to a religious service.