Modern Religion

Following the Passionate Journeys presentation I began to really wonder what drew people to different religious organizations and cults. It made me question how an individual in charge of a cult could gain power and how they made the decision to start one. I found this specific group interesting because it seemed like the individuals had everything materialistic they could have needed. Because most did not have to worry about basic necessities, I would have assumed that following a more common religion would have been easier because many focus on the specific ways to live your life to create a happy present life and future. Most of these members were unhappy with their lives and found sanctuary in the cult whether it was through a book or running into other members unintentionally. I am confused on how a religious/spiritual group who saves people could harm and kill strangers in the public. I also wonder what the probability of a cult becoming a more popular religion is. Would the increase of smaller religions decrease the amount of people who followed religions such as Christianity and Catholicism? Would it be more common for older or younger people to follow the smaller organizations? Although I did not read the book for my case study, I thought it brought a different perspective to more modern religions. Before this, I had never heard real accounts of cults and this specific one was as out of the box as I had imagined and stereotyped it to be.