‘Ring of Peace’


In Chapter 6 McGuire highlights  the different roles religion can play within a society. Two ways she proposed was that it helped to hold a society together through cohesion, while the other suggested religion tears a society a part. However, it is clear that religion can do both at the same time.

An article entitled ‘Ring of Peace’ Surround Canada’s Mosques in Wake of Deadly Attack  posted on The Huffington Post portrayed McGuire’s depictions well. In Toronto Canada a group of individuals from multiple religions stood in solidarity around the Islamic Center. Last week a gunman open fired in a Canadian Mosque. He killed six individuals and injured nineteen. In response to this, others held hands around their local Islamic Center protecting it and sending a message that despite their religion, they are humans.

Throughout recent years Islamophobia has become more prevalent. There have been religious extremists from different religions both aiding Islamophobia and trying to prevent it. I think this article is an example that while extremism and fear can tear a society a part by means of religion, religion can also bring people together to fight against this.