“Pope Francis Threw Shade at Trump in the Classiest Way Possible”

Although not explicitly addressing Trump and his baffling immigration orders, the Pope addressed the public to remind people that welcoming refugees and helping the poor and marginalized is our duty as fellow humans and as religious peoples. As I scroll through the articles concerning religion in the news, I cannot help but notice that almost all of the articles are about Trump and the religious philosophies that his ideals are coming in conflict with. I cannot help but wonder if this very controversial president might actually unite people of different religious backgrounds. Thus far, at the women’s marches and other ceremonies, leaders of many religions have come together to agree on matters that the president has overlooked or simply ignored. I do not recall which chapter, but I remember in McGuire’s text she discusses how in times of chaos and social imbalance, a presence of religion in society can actually increase as people seek comfort in distressing times. I am curious then, as to whether or not this presidency will affect the religious landscape of America. Also, how might religious groups of people in other parts of the world view our country and our religious ideals? Will the international opinion of America’s religious values be discounted because of the actions of our president? Is the current political atmosphere making in our country people feel hopeless and depressed and stray away from religion, or are people investing themselves deeper in religion in a time of uncertainty and fear?