Religion and Jobs

There are many reasons why a person wouldn’t get a job, but is their name part of the equation? A study done by BBC found that if you have a name like Mohamed, compared to Adam, you are three times less likely to get an interview for a job. This study was conducted by sending out two resumes with the exact same qualifications and skills to 100 different job opportunities. The only difference was the same they placed at the top; one was Adam Henton and the other was Mohamed Allam. Adam was offered 12 interviews, while Mohamed was offered four. This is a relatively small sample size but it does aline with larger academic studies that have been done.  According to research by the Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol “Muslim men are 76% less likely to be employed than their white Christian counterparts.”  One man Yogesh Khrishna Davé recalls when he first enter the job market and sent in his resume with his name on it, and another exact one that had the John Smith. He then states, “John Smith got the interview. I got rejected for the interview.” This shows the employment bias due to ones name. In much of our society, people have scapegoated muslims as “less then” due to the extremists in their religion. So they throw out anyone they consider to be muslim simply because of their name, making life extremely more difficult for them on an everyday basis.

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