Born Again Critique

This past week, our viewing of Born Again in class had me asking myself a lot of questions about just how much power a pastor truly has. As I watched the film I was uncomfortable by the presence of the pastor involving himself in personal life situations of everyday people. He was immersed in the relationship between Bob and Emma and was controlling whether or not Emma could see her children. Considering he is not a lawyer and he is not the father of her children, why did she listen to him? If all he is, is a pastor, then why couldn’t Emma just disobey his “order” and see her children? I did not understand why she was so threatened by that order, if it were me I would find a way to see my children. I go to church so I know that you are supposed to respect your pastor, just like any other person, but you do not have to treat him like a God who guides our paths. What I have noticed is that many pastors develop a mindset that they are above everyone else, this may be only pastors from certain denominations but I have picked up on this attribute. If you understand your religion, whatever it may be, then you should understand that as men and women we are imperfect. Only God can be our judge, so I believe Emma should have prayed about her situation, instead of completely leaving her life choices up to her pastor to decide. This documentary is the kind of thing I want to discuss because it left me with a multitude of questions.