Born Again

This was my second time watching the film Born Again. What I enjoyed about this viewing was being able to look at the film from a different perspective as we did in the Visual Ethnography class. With a greater understanding of what “sectarian” means, I was better able to understand the implications of this baptist community and their views on society. I found the congregation’s views on the “outside world” fascinating. The extent in which parents took to shelter their children from society stood out to me, like the use of private schooling. The pastor in the film also stood out to me more this time watching than before, in the sense he was very involved in his congregation’s lives. For myself, I would be very uncomfortable with a pastor that involved in my own life. This makes me wonder if this same phenomenon happens in other fundamentalist congregations around the country. I would also like to note how the ethnographer was able to film such personal and intimate moments of the congregation, like when the man’s brother broke down and eventually became a born again Christian. I would also be interested to see a fundamentalist group in todays time, and their views on the current political scene. While I can imagine that fundamentalist groups support a more conservative side of politics, it would be interesting to see if they agree with all policies platforms of conservative politics. Personally, I have not been exposed to the personal lives of a fundamentalist congregation, and this film was very eye-opening to a life much different than my own.