“Religious Leaders Bless Planned Parenthood Health Center And Its Mission Because this is sacred space, too.” From The Huffington Post

Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu leaders gathered inside a Planned Parenthood Center to bless the space. This gathering is important because it began to change the dialogue about women’s rights to their anatomy from one of dehumanizing and stigmatizing to one that is supportive and invites spirituality. The leaders from each of the religions came together to reconfirm women’s reproductive freedoms and overall health. This brought me back to McGuire’s reading that explained how many people decide their moral values and ideas of right and wrong through their religion. It seems that in this Planned Parenthood event, people were given the thumbs up to support a controversial issue in which something that was viewed as wrong (abortions) are now on the path to being viewed as something that is to be accepted. I see this as a huge leap in different religious systems of meaning coexisting with one another and with a society that values freedom of the individual. The fact is that religious beliefs deeply sway people’s ideas about what is right and what is wrong, and for some of the major and conflicting religions of the world to come together to support a cause like this could greatly affect how society accepts the idea of abortion.