Trump ban: ‘Everyone matters to God,’ religious groups say

One of the hot topics in news recently has been Donald Trumps travel ban from seven countries within the Middle East. Whether this ban is targeting Muslims or not is up for debate, but there has been a serious outcry from many secular and religious organizations protesting this ban. This article has two polarizing opinions; one being that Christian religious organizations do not want to accept Muslim refugees from Syria, as they find them a threat to Western society. The second opinion being that other Christian organizations are opening their doors the Muslim, Christian and other minority religious refugees within Syria and surrounding areas . Often, the Christian organizations that are refusing to accept Muslim, Syrian refugees are denouncing Islam all together. This article made me think of McGuire’s typology of religion. For example, the Christian faiths that tend to be more conservative would have “tension with society” and only see “one way” of religion. While this may be an exaggeration, as there may be other instances where these groups consider themselves “responsible for society”, in this case they are not taking responsibility for all people involved. On the other hand, the Christian organizations that are welcoming all refugees regardless of faith would be seen in the “responsible for society” category and “many ways” of religion. A phenomenon like this is also seen in chapter seven of Chavez, when he mentions the main “fault line that runs between religion is the divide between liberals and conservatives” (Chavez 82). Although both of the opposing sides in this debate are Christian, it is interesting to see the various political and humanitarian views that preside in one religion.