Obama Says He ‘Fundamentally Disagrees’ With Discrimination Based on Religion

This ABC post reflected on Obama’s stance on foreign affairs and how he “fundamentally disagrees” with discrimination based on faith or religion. President Trump’s executive order on Friday calling for a suspension on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries  had people protesting in airports and on streets nationwide. In Obama’s last speech as President, he spoke about the important role of citizens and how all “Americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy — not just during election but every day”

I think this ties into what we are learning altogether because there is a lot of social change and it is all happening so quickly. I think we were at a point where many of us (the people of America) could overcome judgement when it came to others religious affiliations and race. We came a long way since a few decades ago; however, now we are shown that even the President of our country discriminates against people based on race and religion. This will be a great sociological change and it would be interesting to see years from know whether this presidency has made history repeat itself and made our country take 3 steps backwards.

I also wonder what will happen to the Muslims that are in America as of right now. How will their religion be affected by this transition if it is held in place? Will they create religious movements? If so, will they be forced with terror or will they be peaceful? What are we expecting as a nation in return by calling to this action?