Church and Tech

The boom of technology has changed the majority of the people’s way of life. As many benefits as technology has given to our society, it is interesting to view its role in different aspects of life. Perhaps one of the most interesting adaptations to the technology movement is the recent use of certain technological advancements in faith worship discussed in Chaves book and the article “Metro Churches use new tech to reach beyond their pews”(Nicquel Terry). According to Chaves email use in churches has increased by 38% overhead projections by 15% and website use by 27% (60). For many of the younger generations these increase reveal a newer and more relatable way to connect to their faith. The article discusses how not all religions and churches are fully invested in the technological world. Some of the more traditionalistic churches like that of the Catholic faith are more reluctant to the change even though there is a push in the positons of power to use technology (Terry). Immersing the era of technology requires a balance of traditions and technology in order to strengthen and not loose the sense of community that comes about attending and belonging to a church.