Force(d) Religion?

In last week’s class we discussed the differences between official and non-official religions. New ways to practice religion are constantly popping in the world around us and an example of this is “Jediism”. Jeddism is based off of the Star Wars movie and franchise and, “draws on the writings of Joseph Campbell, a scholar who examined the underlying structure of myths in religions and whose ideas inspired the filmmaker, George Lucas” (The New York Times, 23 January 2017). In order to join you must register an account online and follow the 8 step process, ending with the assignment of a one on one mentor. Like all other world religions, Jediism focuses to create greater life now and an ideal afterlife. It’s main energy is similar to Qi in Taoism, but here it is the “force”. While Christopher D. Shea’s article in The New York Times did not mention if Jediism is considered an official religion, I consider it to be on the verge of becoming one. The only aspect it is missing are official rituals and an official form of scripture. While some view it as a joke, others take this rising religion as seriously as any other, more common, forms of belief.