How Martin Luther has shaped Germany for half a millennium

This article, written in January of 2017, says that the 500th anniversary of  Luther’s 95 Theses is this year. I thought this article was timely because of our class discussion on Luther and the beginning of the Protestant reformation. This historic year is recognized in Germany, as the Protestant reformation has shaped modern German culture. While Germany is primarily a secular country, Luther’s influence today can be seen in the aesthetics of Germany, love for books,  language, and frugalness with money. For instance, only 30% of Germany is either Protestant or Catholic, while in America about 70% of the population is Christian. Something interesting to note is that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is considered Lutheran as well. However, Luther had some negative attributes as well like his anti-semitic views. It is even said that Luther blamed Jews for the illness that eventually killed him. While Germany does not identify as just a Christian country anymore, it has drastically changed since the Protestant reformation, as the increase of the Muslim population has created a new religious pluralism.