From Individualism to community

Religious locations of practice often called churches are places in which a community is able to gather and share a common set of beliefs. It is the “hub” of spiritual practices for many religions including Christians (churches), Islam (Mosques), Judaism (Synagogues) and Buddhism (Temples). The investment in maintaining and establishing a facility in which to practice and preach is worth it. With words to describe theses places such as “the house of god” seen in the bible it is hard for people not to create elaborate and decorative worship centers. In the article “Restoring Old Churches Inspires a New Philanthropy” written by Allison Smale in the New York Times, the article discuses how a small community in Russia gathered together with the help of Elina Longinova to bring the life back to a local church. The sense of community used to restore and take part in the creation of the church was very similar to the church in San Antonio that was talked about in lecture Monday. Both of these churches have been built through many efforts made through the community. They have both recreated the way of worship so that instead of focusing on individual improvement the focus shifted to that of community improvement.