Can Religion be Washed from School’s Bible Study?

There is a lawsuit happening where an unnamed parent of a Mercer County kindergarten student who is an atheist, referred to as “Jane Doe”, wishes to raise her child (Jamie doe), without religion. Jane Doe believes that her child risks ostracism from Jamie’s peers or even school staff if she doesn’t participate in the Bible classes. “The program endorses one religion, improperly entangles public schools in religious affairs, and violates the personal consciences of nonreligious and non-Christian parents and student”, states the lawsuit.

Students may be taught about religion, but public schools may not teach religion. This is so interesting because societies image of religion is changing so rapidly. We can teach the literature, history, poetry of the Bible and its impact on the world but the religion itself cannot be taught. This relates to our reading because this could be a beginning or example of a movement organization. It is an example of how religious collectivities change as they interact with their social environments.

I with our social environment is in a time of great change and I think this grey area of public schools teaching the Bible to students should generally be avoided. I don’t believe that it should be up to the schools to interpret the Bible. I think the students should learn and affiliate themselves with religion of any sort on their free time. Whether it be from their parents, Sunday school, or watching Youtube videos. I don’t think its very fair for students to feel excluded if they don’t want to affiliate themselves with religious studies or be treated any differently for their beliefs.