Reflection 4.15.19

In so many headlines Monday morning, appeared the news that The Notre dame Cathedral in France was burning. This building is not just a historical monument but a relic of history. It holds so many religious artifacts and is so important to the catholic religion. I never thought I would see the day when such an important artifact would become a devastation. Considering the French government was spending so much money on the remodeling of the building, it is crazy to see that through its renovation, would something so terrible happen. People everywhere were talking about it and had so many emotions, and this shows that places of religion hold a place with us whether we practice religion or not. It is a large part of our culture, society, and history and in times like these, when trgedy strikes is when we appreciate it the most. The cathedral held so many religious artifacts that were created and the 13th and 14th centuries, and have stood the test of time thus far. The cathedral windows themselves have stained class images of religious figures like Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and all of it takes part in maintaining the history we have of these ideals and being able to preserve it all for the generations to come. I think it’s amazing how so many countries could come together in regards to this tragedy and offer up so many words of respect toward it whether it be their countries primary religion or not. Though people have the idea that sometimes, religion can create political and social issues, in some aspects it can also create a space for respect for one another and their beliefs.

One thought on “Reflection 4.15.19

  1. I completely agree; Notre Dame is a historic and beautiful structure that survived both world wars. No matter people’s personal beliefs; there was a shared reverence and respect for this iconic and important cathedral.

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