smart decisions and peoples view of us

Going to different congregations has helped everyone open their mind to different religions and given us this open idea of how religion works and how its very similar for different groups of people. Visiting a christian and mormon church has given me different perspectives for each but as per say very different perspectives compared to someone who went to a buddhist church. What i realized when we were watching others present was that everything is very similar to the next place and how we found some things weird and some not. Everyone is going to compare the 2nd church they go to with the first church or a church they went to when they were a  child. Having a sociological imagination compared to a closed mindset can change how we view everything within a church or within life itself. We can relate what we learned at church to something in our real life even though every single person is going through different things and going to go different ways from others. Some accept the message they learned while others immediatly do the opposite of what they were told to do. Everything is a choice and the way we chose what we do is how we will be viewed by outsiders. If you proclaim to be a christian, then do things christians would do. Being hypocritical just makes it harder for people to view you the way you want. Only we know ourselves better then anyone else, but others just see what we do based on our choices. You may not have wanted to steal that candy bar but if the person behind you saw it, he is going to view you as a stealer. Eveything in life is based on a social construct and how society tends to view people so put out something you are proud for others to see and talk about.

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  1. Sociologically, we now are more aware of little things that tip us off if people are being hypocritical or not. Professor Spickard is right, someone can spend an entire lifetime researching the traits and trends of official and unofficial religious followers.

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