second congregational visit

My second congregational visit was at The Rock Church, which is a Christian church. My first impression of the church was the massive size and I did notice that they had a donation center which I can imagen is where they collect food or necessary item to help the less fortunate. Walking into the main entrance I noticed the beautiful and clean architecture as well as the spacious quad area where there was a type of youth group taking place before the service. I also saw a map where the church was split into various buildings according to age group and events. For example, the was the A building that were for kids which I figured would serve as a day care or a type of youth group.  

I am not religious as it is and the fact that I was excited for the visit was unusual for me and I did not feel as much as an outsider as I expected. When I walked through the door for the 9am service I was not greeted but the mass started off with Christian songs for about twenty minutes. In my opinion when I walked in to find a seat no one seemed to notice and continued listening to the singers and singling along and within 10 minutes of listening to everyone sing along I got overwhelmingly emotional. The room where the service was taking place looked like a school auditorium and surprisingly the walls were plain and there was live recording to the entire mass on a projector on the stage during musical performance and while the pastors were speaking. Over all the service was very interactive and the members seemed to be spiritually in tune and enjoy the service.