Blog 4/8/19

This past week in class we went over the 6 Stories of religion. Summarizing the main theme of these stories helped to get a bigger picture of what the theme across was and how it is interpreted now. The one that resonated me the most is Story #4. There are 3 underlying culture desires that is within the story. People seeking community in a mass of society. The relationships in a society are transactions. The belief of religion has become less important than the actual connection that is created within the community. Make these two statements true. The first one is that religion is one of the few remaining sources of the community. The second one is that religion is a solace in an atomized word.

This story resonated the most with me because the statement of belief as a religion decreasing in importance but yet the reason individuals go to church is for that sense of community. I find this to be come more and more evident as our community becomes more advanced.

One thought on “Blog 4/8/19

  1. People, as we have seen, inherently want to be around other people. By having religious gatherings be purely social for community; it truly undermines the religious setting in the first place—making the church or wherever irrelevant.

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