reflection 4/8

This past week I went to visit my assigned congregation.  My partner, Lucy, and I went on a visit to the Door Christian Fellowship.  We went to the 11am worship service and had a wonderful time observing the traditions that this church does.  We are excited to share what our experience was like during class this next upcoming week.

As we walked in the building, there were a couple of people that were having conversations with each other.  However, I noticed that there was no one there to greet us or hand us out information cards/pamphlets. So we followed the crowd and joined everyone into the chapel.  As soon as we found a seat, the worship service immediately started. They sang a total of four songs. The first two songs were really short and fast. They lasted about 1-2 min with rapid clapping for rhythm.  The last two songs I was in fact familiar with and was able to sing along. The worship leader that started singing was a very young man in his mid 20’s. After two more songs, the two pastors of the church each took over and sang the rest of the songs.  I found this to be very interesting being compared to my church’s worship routine. At my church, we would have a worship leader sing every song and the pastor would come to the stage after to speak his sermon. At the Door Christian Fellowship, they had a total of 3 people sing.

The pastor of the church, Rich Cox, was speaking his sermon that day.  His message was mainly about joy and how that with God in your life, He will bring you joy.  It was a very touching message as he made some comical jokes here and there.

The service then ended within an hour, with a quick song and a prayer.  Lucy and I were then able to chat with other people and got some good information about the church.  My partner and I can’t wait to share our experience at the Door Christian Fellowship in more depth and to answer any questions that our fellow classmates have for us.