Reflection 4.2.19

Throughout the past couple of weeks, as we have been reading different articles to present to the class; I have found the article “Apocalypse at Waco” by Tabor to be one of the most interesting. I find the idea of the ‘end of the world’ very interesting and it was intriguing to see the perspective of the Armageddon to be seen in a more realist and modern day light. As I was growing up, the apocalypse was a very big topic within most church services as people see “signs” of when God is coming back constantly and as it was written in the book of Revelation, so it is being seen in our modern times. The older I get, there seems to be so many more political and social issues that are associated with the end and I had never heard of this story of the Branch Davidians until reading this article. It is wild that people take the issues and ideas that come along with the apocalypse into their own hands because in the Bible it is pretty clear that the apocalypse will all be to Gods doing. However, it was pretty freaky reading about how we are in a time where people assure themselves that we are living in the end times and now it’s the time to take things into “our own hands” and prove that the end is near. This man Cyrus had so many strong beliefs and was able to gather so many people to listen to those beliefs which is so interesting to read about considering so many thought he was a type of holy man but others saw him as crazy.