Blog Post 4/1/19

This past weekend I stumbled on an article on the topic of new archaeologist findings and religion. There were several valued belongings of the people of Lake Titicaca, today it is known as Bolivia. In the excavation there were two gold medallions, metal plaques , incense burners, animal remains  and stones located near the Khao reef. Since it was all found by the reef there is some assumption that this was a ritual site for the people.  It is too early; however to put a name or know the significance of the meanings of these pieces that were found in regards to their religion. Not only this but the value that was held between the relationship of trading and religion. For example some of the animal remains and other remains found were items that are specific to the Pacific Ocean and would not be found in Lake Titicaca. Which leads to the belief that some of the remains that had religions ties were held at a higher standard than others.

I found this article very important and when archaeologists discover these items I believe it should be spoken about more. It is important to look at our past of religion and different areas of how communities operated in their religious communities because in someway it all connects back to where certain religions are today.