Power Within Yourself

This week I completed my second congregation visit. It was unlike any experience I have had before and vastly different from my first congregation visit. It was welcoming and lively. Singing, dancing and playing musical instruments was a common thread throughout the whole service. The experience began much like my first congregation visit, with a song. It then led into a synopsis of what has been completed throughout the week and a description of the events to come followed by an explanation of the safe shelter for women and ways to help out. It was explained that the shelter was previously going to close on Sunday the 31st but the board of the church had decided to keep the shelter open for the women. Once the calendar was completed more songs were sung and then the visiting minister gave his sermon.

This day the power had gone out on the entire street, so they adapted and projected their voices and the visiting minister stood on the same level as the congregation and gave his sermon without the assistance of the projector or videos. The sermon was structured to make the members of the congregation feel as though they have a strong inner power and gave suggestions on how to build on that inner strength. All in all, the sermon was uplifting and centered around the personal self and the power we have to shape our own lives.

One thought on “Power Within Yourself

  1. Sounds like a true paradigm church you visited. One question: Was the crowd mainly younger people, or was it dispersed age-wise?

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