What is Happening to Religion? Reflection

There are six sociological narratives for the views and aspects of religion. There is the idea of secularization which is the idea that religion is becoming less valuable and disappearing from modern world. Some examples include the decline of church affliction, and church attendance. This idea of secularization is being brought up by structural differentiation, politically, socially, due to privatization and also the decline of believe.

The second sociological narrative includes conservative resurgence that dominates the growth of Evangelical Protestantism as well as non-affliction. Also taking into consideration the increase of radical Islam in the Middle East As well as practice in the United States. The third is religions as local communities where for example teens look up to their congregations and adults to build a familiar community of people who practice the same religion, but also having a decline in denominations.

The fourth sociological narrative is religious individualism which is the idea that your actual religion is practiced. For example social relationships culturally and seeking individual meaning in a society that does not provide lasting roles. Also includes religious markets which change the religious structure who see religion as more of a business and members representing customers. So their idea is that the more member in a congregation then the more business produced and market their religion as well as religious products sold to members. In more of an economic point of view includes the sociological narrative of Globalization where the world is now more interconnected compared to past years. A major role that is played is the traditional approach where religion is seen as a safe sanctuary and source of faith for large numbers of immigrants who come to the United States?