Blog 3/25

In the reading of Is Religion The Problem by Mark Juergensmeyer there is reflection and discussion on the debates that surrounded the question of how  9/11 was started and the questions that many individuals made on whether or not religion has a fault In these type of events, is religions violent etc. In the case of terrorist attacks and religion in Islam people tend to assume that the religion is the problem. On the other hand, there are now more activist groups arising that are filled with hate on the culture and economy that has any ties to that specific religion. This article made me realize how at risk we are as a nation and even broader, the world,  due to the high rising tension.

What I mean by this is that  due to the all the attacks and terrorism within churches and attacks that happen in public areas  it is now in societies nature to tie  hate to a certain religion. It  is becoming more intertwined than ever. For example, as soon as an attack has made news there is automatic speculation that that plan was brought into place by a terrorist group. Since this group likely comes from an area that all ready has tensions rising in their  own community it is extremely easy for society to come up with different theories about the group. Which results in hate onto others no matter if the people do have relations with the group or not. At this moment in time the word religion and the word attacks can grasp the publics interest in a heart beat where in years past this never use to be the case. As the number of attacks on individuals increase so does the intensity and tension on how society views religions.