Thoughts on Midterm

This week was super intense when we all got to put our sociological knowledge to the test.  Literally, we had our long-anticipated midterm exam.  I do hope Professor Spickard feels better since he informed us all he was under the weather.  He had to cancel Tuesday’s class—which gave us all a little extra time to prepare for the midterm.  Since he wasn’t there on Thursday, Ms. Trisha Garcia graciously gave us the test and stayed until we all were finished.  Luckily, Professor Spickard gave us a very handy and helpful study guide showing us what questions were going to be there.  However, it was tricky since there would be only three of the six questions on the text, but we wouldn’t know which ones.

This provided a way to study all the materials and still feel good about whichever ended up actually on the midterm.  Finally, the nicest touch was that Professor Spickard allowed one 5” x 8” index card to be taken with us to class.  We could write on the front and back of the card—and it could be however much info we could fit on the card.  The actual time of the midterm went faster than I thought.  I got the questions dealing with sociology and how it differs from other approaches; the role that sociology plays in contemporary peoples lives; and describing the congregation I visited with a friend.  Luckily, thanks to the card and different bullet points I had for each question—it went rather smoothly.