Is Islam really a problematic religion?

Since the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York on 2001,  Americans have gained a hate for Islamic states in the Middle East. The media has portrayed Muslims as terrorists under the influence of their prophet Muhammad and his teachings of the Qur’an. However, Americans have not considered the idea that Islam is not as foreign as they think it is. From the interpretation of the of the Quran, Muslim culture and Christianity have similar beliefs.

Today in time Muslims are looked down on due to the overgeneralization done by social media as well as terrorist acts organized a recently and well known terrorist group, ISIS.  This does not correspond to all Muslims because just like other countries, a vast majority of Muslims from third world countries like Iraq and Syria are threatened and at times killed by their own race which also follow the same religion of Islam. Regardless of anyone’s background it is good to be informed about international news by facts and not only see the broad picture but notice the small details and look at Muslims’ situation from their perspective.

American Christians are not as different from Islamic Muslims because in the end they follow a religion with the same ideal of being a follower of God. The only reason why the West distance themselves from Muslims is because in their vision they are terrorists, but Americans should stop using the Middle East as a scapegoat and stereotypes about Muslims who follow the Islamic religion. Although Muslims are brought up with different customs they have the same faith as those who follow any other religion one can think of, from Islam to Christianity to Mormon and even Buddhism. Religion is simply a way to have faith in God and dedicate their lives to following his teachings.