Looking forward to my 2nd Congregational visit

I grew up in a predominately catholic house hold which also include many similar beliefs as Christianity with the belief in God and follow the bible and holy scriptures. These churches ethically are made up Hispanics, Caucasian, African Americans or Asians, but what caught my attention was the religion of Judaism because this is a Jewish based religion. It would be am interesting experience for me to be in a different cultural environment that I am not accustomed to. Although Judaism is a part of Christianity, I would have somewhat of an advantage for having a basic background of religious knowledge to understand the scriptures possible read or translated in Hebrew.

The Rock Church was also another interesting congregation that I found interesting for the reason that it is commercialized on a huge billboard off the 10 freeway, which I not a normal act from a church. I have noticed that it is a well known church and was drawn to by the photographs of the layout of the institution with bright light to attract new members in my opinion while also keeping the interest and faith from current members. Hopefully I am drawn in during the service and not doze off or get bored like I normally do in a traditional Catholic church that I am used to.

Also, the other congregation that I found interesting was the Salvation Army, because the first thing that I connected this church to was the salvation army thrift store that are located around the Inland Empire. I am curious if there is a correlation with the two and why or not. If not, why was the congregation named “Slavation Army”?