Reflection 2.18.19

This weekend I attended my normal church service with my parents at Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley yesterday, while normally when I am at school I go to Citizens Church at the in the campus chapel. It was interesting to go from one different church to another within a time span of two weeks. Going back to back like that really had me comparing the church I go to in Redlands and the church I belong to. It’s so interesting to see how even though my home church is Evangelical Christian and Citizens is also Evangelical, how different they are. my home church is very small and probably has about 300 people in attendance maximum. Citizens Church, now that I have been in this class and compared similarities, is definitely a Mega Church. For me, the message that is being told is one of the most important parts of a church, and even seeing the differences in the way scripture is being told is just super odd. At my home church, we go through a chapter at a time in chronological order, and go through scripture by scripture, as we compare the scripture to the message. Meanwhile, at Citizens, the pastor has a message for the congregation and then takes different verses from the scripture and uses that as evidence of what he is preaching. Overall, I think that they are both very similar in the main messages they are trying to give out, yet there is so much different about the style and size of each church.