Spiritual Practices in Day to Day Life

In the spirit of connecting our group readings to my personal life, I started to take note on how religion affects my day-to-day life, under the same guidelines as the author’s instructions to her subjects. The author asks her subjects to take photos and connected them to their faith or beliefs. What I found myself doing is taking photos of trees, people, and buildings, the main notes that were repetitive were the ones about feeling connected by more than just being human or man-made. It was mostly people interacting, people under trees or people talking, but just places and people interacting. This makes sense because a core belief of mine is that we are all connected and we should all understand this and try to strive for helping one another. Now this isn’t necessarily religious but it connects to one of the key aspects of religion and that is community. A lot of the people who took part in this study also felt that community was most important and prevalent because it’s what affects us in our day-to-day life. She also wanted her subject to just take notes on habits and things so most of my notes were made up of songs I have been listening too and questions I would ask God if I believed he was real. What I noticed was most of what I was listening too was more poetry than music and most of the lyrics were made up of call to actions to start working together and were are all individuals together. Most of my questions were me asking if this is how God wanted this to be or if we got lost somewhere along the way. The funny thing about this is I don’t find myself to be a religious or spiritual person and answering these questions just had me shift my mindset to that of a religious person.