Blog 2/11

In class this past week the first group presented on Protestantism in America. There were three churches represented in their presentation. The Hope Chapel, Vineyard and Calvary. I found it intriguing that these names rang a bell with myself regarding having previous knowledge of these Churches due to the rising population within these churches. These churches have an open, relaxed, casual atmosphere that allows for individuals who are trying to discover what they want in a church more appealing than the standard Formal Churches. My first time going to a church that was outside of my personal norm was a Church like the Calvary Church. It didn’t feel as if I was even at church and because of that it led me to want to have continuous visits to this church. On the other hand, If I decided not to go every Sunday it didn’t feel as if the organization was going to shun me. Currently, individuals in college, or just out of college tend to need a flexible schedule and when days don’t go as they are planned for themselves the last subject that a young adult is going to want to think about is how individuals will view them at their church. A church should not be a place where an individual feels more pressure added on to their daily life, it needs to be a release and an escape to recollect oneself resulting in a clear mind in order to get through harder days. The presentation made me reflect on this and evaluate this as being a possibility as to why the interest rate of these types of Churches are growing rapidly