Reflection 2/4

This past week we looked at the different trends of data on the different religions around the world.  The one topic that stood out to me was the website that we overlooked and analyzed the data.  I found this website to be very resourceful because not only does it have data on what the majority of the population believe in for each individual state, but it also gives the data on different interesting topics as well.  

For example, I found the topic “Education” to be very interesting because it shows the different religions and the percent of people who have completed a degree in high school or less, attended college but didn’t finish, completed a college degree, and completed a postgraduate degree.  It was very fascinating to see that majority of the people earned a degree in high school or less. The data between the people who attended college but didn’t finish and those who completed a degree were pretty similar. Also there were not many people who completed a postgraduate degree.  The one religion that I found surprising was Hindu. Although there was only a sample size of 197, 48% had earned a postgraduate degree. There were other religions that surprised me as well.

The “Education” topic was just one of the many that caught my attention.  There were others that were very fascinating to read about and see what the majority of the population is like.  This next week we are going to be hearing presentations about the different case studies that we all worked on and I am eager to hear what we all have to share.