Reflection 2.4.19

In the third chapter of Chaves book “American Religion”, he mentions that there is a small but noticeable increase in the idea of spirituality in a persons life, rather than religion. I honestly find that really interesting considering how religion carries on throughout peoples families, and typically if a parent raises their child in one religion they would normally carry on that tradition with their children and so on. However, I do see how the idea of spirituality has become more of a pleasing form of “worship”. I think that as people in my generation (the “millennials”) grow up, we have succumbed more to not doing exactly as our parents have done, and have more of an idea of free thought.

Spirituality is based more on believing there is something else out there and that this life is more complicated, but not having to force yourself to believe in someone else’s specific views and “rules”. This generation is based soley on the idea of being yourself and having the freedom to express yourself however you feel and being accepted for who you are. I think that with thinking about that concept, you can still practice a religion or do be spiritual and it definitely gives you more options. Though I personally practice religion, I appreciate those that have a spiritual path because at least you are believing in a power that is greater than yourself. I think that both religion and spirituality is good to have, especially living within this generation, where there are numerous political views there are so with religious views.