Why Lie?

I found the film that we watched in class last week very interesting showing two different people in different religions and how they can have many similarities while also having differences. Both people moving to a small town led them to find connections to the people of the town through their churches they joined. One of them joined the church board and talked about how her personal connection with God was the most important thing to her while the other guy who was a preacher to the youth ministry talked about how its about other people coming to God. The best thing about religion is that one can join a church that best accommodates their needs and personality. There is no right or wrong way to participate in religious activities and the movie was a great example of this.

After reading American Religion, something that bothered me was in the first paragraph of the introduction. It talked about how most people who take a religious poll about praying or going to church end up lying about it. I believe this is a social construct that people have created that they want to hear someone say they go to church or participate in a religion. Personally, if you are or aren’t involved in a religious group, I do not believe that makes you a better or worst person. Everyone has the free will to choose if they go or not, but I was somewhat shocked when I read that most people lie about it because there is no reason to lie about something like that unless u just want people to view you as a “better person” because you go to church.

One thought on “Why Lie?

  1. Why do you think people think they would be perceived as a “better person” if they went to church? Another reason for lying is that they believe the question deserves an affirmative answer. Basically, the survey could have been biased.

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